You Provide The Clients - We Do The Work - You Take The Credit

So You Found A Google Ads Client...

What's The Next Step?

Now It's Time to Put Our Topnotch Google Ads "DFY Management Team" To Work For You!

Google Ads Managed By Experts - Your 5-Star DFY Agency

  • We will provide you with an Excel File. You Fill Out The Client Info and Return The Form.
  •  We set up a Google Ads Campaign Using Winning Keywords and Proven Ad Copy
  •  We Optimize Campaigns Monthly For Best Conversions and To Avoid Wasting Your Client's Money 
  •  First Come - First Served
  • ​​​​​​​ We Do The Work, You Take The Credit 

You want to grow your business and get more clients, but you don't want to do all the work yourself, right?

Let's face it, you just don't have all the time in the world to study and learn everything there is to know about Google Ads, in addition to keeping up with all the latest changes. That's because Google Ads is like the weather, changing all the time!


We've Already Mastered Google Ads So You Don't Have To!

Here's What We Do For Your Clients On Your Behalf:

  •  Perform independent research to fully understand their business, industry, and online competition.
  •  Analyze any current campaigns and then maximize our research findings for their benefit.
  •  Examine their website or landing page against Google Ads guidelines and best practices.
  •  Develop and implement ad campaigns with ad groups, keywords, and proven ad copy for each group.
  •  Monitor, report, optimize and split-test to get the most leads for the cheapest Cost Per Click possible.
  • Perform ongoing testing, tweaking and optimization campaigns to achieve the best results for the client.

Meet A Google Ads Management Client



Q. What If I’m New, Or New To Google Ads?

Our "Done-For-You" Google Ads Management Service is exactly what you need. You bring in the client, and we do all the work. Your clients will be thrilled, and you don't need to worry. You can feel secure about landing more clients because you have one of the best Google Ads teams behind you. We do all the work - and you take all the credit AND profits.

Q. Do You Have A Money Back Guarantee?

We cannot offer a money-back guarantee since this is a custom service provided to you by professionals that need to get paid. For this Done-For-You service, we begin spending money and using our staff's time right from the moment you sign up. We are committed to doing whatever it takes, to produce results for your clients - which then reflects positively on you.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Client's Campaign?

After receiving all of the client's information, we can have the Google Ads campaign set up for you within a week.

Q. Are Your Services Up To Date?

Absolutely! We do everything the same for your Done-For-You Service clients as we do for our own clients. In addition, we continually stay up to date with what works and what doesn't.

Q. Will This Work For ANY NICHE?

Yes, this will work for any niche. Obviously, some large niches or cities are more competitive, and keywords and clicks are more expensive. However, by managing properly, the quality score goes up and keyword costs go down, and this will beat the competition.

Q. Does This Work In Countries Like Canada, the UK, or Australia?

Yes, our DFY Google Ads Management Service works in any English-speaking country. Most of our proven ad groups, keywords, and ad copy for each group are in English.

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